Google Analytics

One of the most important aspects of a digital marketing executive is to analyze the previous data trends and then plot a course for the future. Analytics plays a major role in successful Ad campaigns and helps in making informed and safe future decisions.

Google Analytics is very easy to operate if learned the right way, and we at Digitalchatshaala ensure that every student knows the tool and learns how to effectively use it. The areas covered in the course module are:

  • Navigating in Google Analytics
  • Real-time Monitoring
  • How to setup google analytics
  • The functions of every module in google analytics

Google Webmasters:

Google webmaster is one of the most effective tools for site analysis and keyword check. It is useful for digital marketers to analyze which keyword to rank and also check the status of the website with respect to crawling and SEO. 

The professional tutors at Digitalchatshaala impart their years of knowledge in the digital marketing industry by teaching hacks and easy techniques to analyze the different parameters of the tool.

Areas of Google Webmaster scaled:

  • Site Addition and Verification
  • Location-based setup
  • Analyzing search queries
  • Crawl status and error reports
  • Sitemap analysis
  • Links Removal and HTML suggestions

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