Types of keywords

Did you guys know that there are 18 types of keywords? Yes, there are. We have professional tutors at our digital marketing institute in Marathahalli who are well versed in sourcing out the keywords and segregating them according to their types. We ensure that the students are given proper knowledge and insights about how to source the keywords and categorize them accordingly.

Tools used for keyword research:

The world is filled with tools that help in keyword research. The right tool will fetch you the right results, and we at Digitalchatshaala have curated the best tools required for keyword research and aims to give our students a practical, goal-oriented approach towards keyword research.

Additional courses added as a part of our curriculum into our digital marketing institute:

Localized Keyword Research:

The prime aspect of local SEO is localized keyword research. We provide the students at our digital marketing training institute with the necessary training and insights to conduct thorough research and shortlist localized keywords that could benefit their SEO careers.

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